Link of things, 2017

Allusions of Things, multimedia installation, dimensions vary, 2017

The multimedia installation straddling two halls of Pražák Palace revives the history of the particular building which used to serve as a residential building. By means of minimalist forms, Loskot creates an environment reminiscent of an apartment interior – a study room/bed room and a salon/dining room. The main characteristic of this apartment, however, is the absence of its inhabitants and their immediate traces. The formal purity borders on emptiness and even those elements that might produce a reassuring impression of coziness – the singing of a canary, a reading voice, sun reflections or a resting cat – paradoxically seem oddly estranged. The artist also challenges our vision by using modern technologies to put obstacles in our way, determine our view angle, and double and enhance the image of reality by a virtual (and in a way richer) dimension. Richard Loskot has mastered the art of illusion and deception, however, what matters is not achieving the perfect illusion but rather the moment of revelation in which we may realize the purely technological nature of something we considered “natural” in the first moment. The very category of naturality is thus challenged.