Link of things

The multimedia installation straddling two halls of Pražák Palace revives the history of the particular building which used to serve as a residential building. By means of minimalist forms, Loskot creates an environment reminiscent of an apartment interior – a […]

Heaven on Earth

The blue screen used in film is like a blue sky. We look at it and imagine different worlds. We transfer Heaven on Earth and at the same time we wish to leave the Earth. We change, alter and use […]

Volumes Under the Sun, 2015

plasterboard construction, cyanotype emulsion, metal construction, light   Fragments of architecture: walls, windows, doors, are abstracted into a spatial installation process. The walls were painted a photosensitive emulsion, which themselves caught shadows of objects that are missing in the installation. […]

Ex position

  monitor, camera, computer, green color, other media Site- specific installation is reviving play, prompting the viewer to participate. The goal of Ex position is to create a mental image based on the initial uncertainty. There are three green scenes, […]

Color is what is not, 2014

  mirror, projector, metal construction, camera, color It is about the eternal present, about the unnaturalness of our environment, about that what we pass over. It’s open stage, you are going through and become part of it. There are two […]


The lights in a row gradually quickly lash on and of. Flower is not moving, but the shadow tells us: If we speed up a ilm of a plant, its movements seem perfectly live. So, let us leave it to […]

Another Place

Richard Loskot’s light installation is a staged scene responsive to the layout room in the House of Lords of Kunštát. Blank walls, four glass panes and pure white light entering a room noticeably irradiated windows evoke feeling of emptiness. Author […]

The simple thing

Perception of light is likewise the subject of Loskot ́s playful interest in the installation entitled Simple Thing which was made to measure for the Start up venue. The spectator is ofered the sight of a colour spectrum which is […]