The simple thing

Perception of light is likewise the subject of Loskot ́s playful interest in the installation entitled Simple Thing which was made to measure for the Start up venue. The spectator is ofered the sight of a colour spectrum which is generated by a basic optical system built by the artist with the use of an “optical arm,” light relectors, mirrors, and a glass prism. Loskot ofers a demonstrative illustration of a principle of optics. The innards of the apparatus are exposed here, making visible the process of relection and dispersion of white light. The whole installation is rounded of by a series of photographs which are not employed here as an artifact, but rather on the contrary, as an experimental aid. Experimentation and discovery of unexpected facts constitute the groundwork of Loskot ́s output – at a point by when the spectator has come to believe to understand the pattern provided here to demonstrate the dispersion of white light, there ensues a discovery of relection in the opposite direction, back to the starting point: the artist reverses the physical process, once again bringing up the cosmological principle of eternal return.

text: Markéta Vinglerová