Another Place

Richard Loskot’s light installation is a staged scene responsive to the layout room in the House of Lords of Kunštát. Blank walls, four glass panes and pure white light entering a room noticeably irradiated windows evoke feeling of emptiness. Author creates an architectural scene for his work of art, based on the psychological efects of artiicial light, which is also the only key for the viewer to further explore it. Another place, as well as Richard‘s other work, creates an open scene where the viewer must become part of it in order to reveal the world outside the window. The exterior appears on the walls, on the table and on the loor as a relection from the window panes creating an omnipresent yet non-existent space – visible only in the relection. The unreal entering into the room evokes feeling of uncertainty and simultaneously raises interest about the discovery of the outer world which is creeping in from every part of the room a bit more. However, we do not ind the city landscape, we are looking at a place that is a sort of indeterminate parallel of the same situation in a diferent time and space. The installation is based on the simple principles of light polarization. Light entering the installation is polarized, and therefore even when the windows relect the projected video, the human eye is incapable of detecting it without an analyzer, which in this case are the glass panels.

text Romana Veselá